About Royan

Royan Institute:

Royan Institute is a public non-profitable organization which is affiliated to Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research (ACECR) and was established in 1991 by the late Dr. Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani as a research institute for Reproductive Biomedicine and Infertility Treatments. In 1998, this institute was approved by Ministry of Health as Cell-Based Research Center. Now, this institute acts as the leader of Stem Cell research and also one of the best clinics for infertility treatment. It has more than 81 scientific members and 232 researchers and lab technicians. Royan consists of three research institutes, each focused on different fields of research:

  1. Royan Institute for Biotechnology (RI-B)      
  2. Royan Institute for Reproductive Biomedicine (RI-RB)
  3. Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology (RI-SCBT)